Top Reasons To Enroll Your Child In A Montessori School

Watching your child progress through each of life's stages can be very rewarding. Welcoming them into the world filled you with glee and nurturing them through infancy and toddlerhood allowed you to get a secret glimpse into their burgeoning personality and watch as a world of wonder came alive through their eyes. Now that your little one has reached the point where it's time to go to school you have some tough decisions facing you. Should you send them to a traditional public school or is there a better option? Learn more about the benefits of Montessori school to see why it's the ideal alternative.

Cooperation Is The Key

The average kindergarten class places a special focus on instruction. Students are expected to listen attentively as the teacher goes through each lesson, gradually introducing more and more topics as the year progresses. This type of learning may work well for some children, but it doesn't necessarily foster independence. The setup is more geared toward an authoritative approach where pupils must follow.

Entering a Montessori classroom can be like going into another universe. The format is designed for self-direction as each student gravitates to the part of the room that features an activity they want to engage in. Some children will naturally sit at the feet of the teacher for learning while others take more of a hands-on approach by getting into games with other students. Cooperative skills come in when the children begin to understand the need to share and take turns if they want to remain orderly. These are the kinds of traits that can benefit your child for the rest of their life.

Learn At Your Own Pace In A Montessori School

Every student is different and each learns at their own pace. Instead of being expected to stay at the median level of the classroom, Montessori students are encouraged to go at a pace that works well for them. Once a specific lesson is mastered, the child can then move on to another level of learning without having to wait for others or feel a need to play catch-up if they need more time. This helps to ensure the educational program is assimilated before the student goes to another grade.

Montessori schools have so much to offer your child. Contact a local kindergarten facility and ask for a tour so you can learn more about the Montessori difference.