What Do Preschool Teachers Do For Kids?

Preschool represents a great new opportunity for children. It can be a bridge between a child's life at home with their parents and their first engagement with the wider world through organized schooling. Parents can be just as nervous as kids when it comes to separating for preschool for the first time. Fortunately, preschool teachers are there to ease the transition. These are some things that your child's preschool teachers can do for them: 

1. Help anxious children through separation anxiety

Some kids take to preschool easily, finding fun and joy in this brand-new experience. Other kids may be more sensitive and hesitant to leave their parents behind. Some separation anxiety is to be expected when it comes to preschool. Preschool teachers understand this and will do their best to validate your child's feelings while also providing distractions that can help kids participate in their new preschool. Affection, play, and redirection can all be powerful tools when it comes to soothing a distressed child.

2. Handle potty training accidents

Many preschools require students to be potty trained before their first day of school. However, it's common for young children who are still new to potty training to have occasional accidents. Parents don't need to worry because preschool teachers are trained to handle potty training accidents. If your child has an accident during school, their teacher can help them freshen up without embarrassing your child or setting back their potty training.

3. Ensure that growing kids get enough rest

Young children have lots of energy, but they also need lots of sleep. Preschoolers are still growing at a rapid rate, and they may grow irritable and difficult to manage without adequate rest. Preschool teachers will ensure that their students are able to rest through scheduled naptimes. Naptime is a chance for students to settle down and get the extra sleep that their young bodies need. It may also help sensitive kids avoid meltdowns due to overstimulation.

4. Provide opportunities for play and growth

Finally, preschool teachers will provide students with plenty of opportunities to learn and grow. Young children learn best through play, and preschool gives kids the chance to play with other kids their own age. Kids will participate in scheduled group activities and also free play that challenges them to use their imagination. Kids will also have learning opportunities that can help them further their reading and counting skills, which will serve them well in kindergarten and beyond.

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