Tips For Helping Your Child Overcome Separation Anxiety When He Or She Goes To Camp

If you have a child, you likely want to make sure that he or she has an awesome time during the summer. One way to do this is to send him or her to a summer camp for a few weeks. This camp will allow him or her to meet new people, get some exercise, and generally enjoy a different area than he or she normally lives in. However, if your child is young or if your child has separation anxiety, he or she might not want to go to camp and might not have fun because he or she is scared without you there. Here are some tips for helping your child overcome this separation anxiety so that he or she can enjoy his or her time at camp.

1. Don't Cling

The first thing that you need to do is avoid clinging to your child or allowing your child to cling to you, emotionally or physically. Tell your child in advance that he or she is going to summer camp. Do everything that you can to make sure that he or she has everything that he or she needs. Then, take your child to the camp or to the bus stop and drop him or her off. Say goodbye, give him or her a hug, and then leave. Don't look back. You might be very upset that you are leaving your child and your child will certainly be upset that you are leaving, but you are going to make it worse if you hang around. Pull the bandage off quickly.

2. Have a Letter Waiting for Your Child in His or Her Room

Talk to the people that are running the camp and see if they would be willing to take a letter that you have written your child and put it on his or her bunk. This will allow your child to see that you still care and  are thinking about him or her even though you have just left. This can make your child's first day easier.

3. Send Packages But Limit Phone Calls

Send packages and letters to your child throughout the weeks he or she is at camp in order to let him or her know that you care about him or her deeply. However, try to limit phone calls. Your child might be doing just fine but, when he or she hears your voice, he or she may experience acute separation anxiety again. Limit calls to once a week but encourage your child to write letters back to you.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in summer camp for kids